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There are two ways of joining us: paying online and then filling out an online form, or downloading and printing the form, and sending it in the mail with a check for your dues. Members in the Detroit Region must also join the National Plymouth Owners Club.

National membership does not require any regional association, but it is in your interest to enjoy the friendship and support of others in your area.

The Detroit Region of the Plymouth Owners Club annual dues are $15. To join both the Detroit Region and National Plymouth Owners Club, the first year’s dues are $47 ($15 for the Detroit Region and $32 for the National); renewals are $45 per year ($15 for Detroit, $30 for National).

To register online, hold down the mouse button on the dropdown list below, and pick the correct line (new member, renewal, or Detroit region only; the last one is only for people who are already National members!). Then pay via Paypal; when you've finished paying, you will go to a new page where we will ask you for some information about you and your cars. (Overseas members need to register on the National page.)

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